So, you say you want to know where the band name "Delicious Fishes" came from.
Well, ok. Here's the poop:

It's a lovely little story. So, sit back and relax as I spin this little tale for you. If available, I suggest you make up a quick cup of tea and maybe a nice salad to go with it. On second thought, forget the salad. How about the #3 lunch special with no black olives, please. They give me gas.

On with the story!

Caligula was a fisherman's son who was just two days shy of his 16th birthday. His father had always told him that if he would work hard on the docks, someday he would make enough money to buy anything his heart desired. Many days, Caligula walked by a small boutique just two blocks north of the 32nd pier in downtown Ripshire. Some days, when he got up extra early, he would go in the boutique just to see what new and exotic fabrics the owner, Craig, had got in.

It had been just two summers ago that Caligula and Craig found themselves lost and afraid after an afternoon bike ride through the countryside that got wildly out of hand. Craig loved garage sales and there were many in the small town of Ripshire. But Craig did not know the countryside well and soon the two lovers found themselves lost with nothing to keep them warm but a lavender scarf and the memory of a warm lemon pepper salmon dish that the two enjoyed only minutes ago.

"That was a wonderful fish", said Craig, boyishly holding back the last remains of a well deserved belch. "It was most delicious"' said Caligula. "One might even say it was a delightful fish", Craig replied, now starting to dry heave onto the base of an old hickory stump.

You see, I am Caligula's sister, Fontella, and this is his story. You may say,"Well, it is a wonderful story of loves and lost loves. But, it still doesn't explain the name of your group". It's true, "Delightful Fish" could've easily been drawn from this story and that would be fine. But, I started to think about what my poor brother would think every time he heard that name. Oh, how his heart would pine!! Oh yes, it would pine, I say, for those youthful early days in Ripshire. And "What of Craig?", you ask. Well, I don't care, really. He owes me money.

So, with a lovely story and the affections for my younger brother, I took just a morsel of this story and named our band. You may call us "Delicious Fishes", if you like. But, it will always be "Delightful Fish" to me.

Yours Always,
Fontella What-a-fella Xavier Cougat