Rumple's Pub 8/4/2001

Chug-a-lug Pooh Bear!!
Getting to know you... getting to know all about you... BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURP !!
What ??  What is that you're saying?? CAMEL RULES !!
I'm happy and peppy and bursting with love !! Get the Limo,  I'm driving ...

"I LOVE TO DANCE (or drive, or something like that)."
Just shaking my Groovethang. This picture speaks for itself.

"By the end of the night ..."
I'm still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah... I'm soooo sssleeeeeeeepy Where's the next party ??
I think Chuck needs another too... NOT One step closer...and this ladder will come down on your Silver-Fox head !!